Friday, September 29, 2006

small GIANTS by Bo Burlingham

What makes a company great?

Being great at what you do

Having great relationship with customers

Being a great citizen in the community where they do business with

Creating a great place to work

Leading a great life

Small giant: usually privately held( for them to have freedom and time, instead of having to answering promises for investors)

How to be small giant

Know who you are and what you want out of the business, and why.

Be the best

Be rooted in the community( the mona lisa principle- same experience throughout, same identity regardless of differences in anything)

Cultivate close, personal, one-on-one ties with customers and suppliers

Create a culture of intimacy( excitement)

Love what you do

Thursday, September 28, 2006

Closing the value gap

The value Gap

Value we provide =/= value customer is willing to pay for

Value customer is expecting to receive =/= value that customer believes they have received

Symptoms of the value gap:
declining revenue per sale
declining share per customer
increasing discounts
ending with no decision

decision process( why change?)
cost of the solution vs cost of the prob
compete in the most crowded space

What can we do?
Quality decision process
shift the focus from ‘what to buy’ to ‘why change?’
create a diagnosis strategy
focus on the negative present, not on the positive future
keep the conversation about fact, not about opinion

Diagnosis strategy ( top down)

Customer biz objectives( what is the main objective of the customer’s biz, the corporate mission?)

Critical success factors( what has to go right for the biz to succeed?)

Job responsibility( what is this specific individual responsible for in relation to this critical success factor? What are their personal performance objectives?)

indicators( what is a symptom of the job performance being at risk?)

causes( why does the prob verified by the indicator exist?)

consequences( what are the consequences of the problem resulting from this cause?)

expectations( What is the desired outcome or state eliminating the consequences?)

your solutions( What capabilities or specific features make the expectation a reality? What measurements will assure that expectations have been achieved?)

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Key company success

Position- being in an untested space, category of one, best value for money

Movement- agility, getting to an untested space

Hard to imitate capabilities- discipline- protecting an untested space

Concentration- focus – exploiting an untested space

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

E-loyalty Strategies

3 types of customer behavior
- Repurchase, revisit
- cross purchase, visit new areas
- referral, viral marketing

Satisfaction will not drive loyalty

Minimum entry to e-loyalty
- website usability
- features and benefits
- purchase process
- service and supportDialogue and relationship

Then higher up will be( with strategies that will influence the 4 factos)
- brand image- community, exclusivity or entertainment strategy
- Price- tangible rewards, access strategy
- Product quality- content and guaranteeService quality- customer service strategy
- Service quality- customer service strategy

Result in e-loyalty behaviors and intentions- buy more, buy again, recommend

What makes a formalized e-loyalty program?

- program has name, so relationship has a name

- provides clear value for enrollment

- provides incentives for desired behavior

- membership or membership levels have guaranteed benefits- expectations set, members know their status, acknowledge a customer’s value to the company

- ongoing formal dialogue with customer( name the newsletter)allows tracking of customer transactions

E-loyalty content strategies:
- How to articles( getting more out of the product)
- Inside stories of making a product( make customer a part of the company)
- Live expert advisers
- Online seminars/training
- Access to industry magazines

Relevancy is the key: demographic, personnel problems/solutions, product owned, business needs

Community: Interaction between customers
- online events
- bulletin boards
- customer exchanges
- competition( with reward as bait)
- posting customer content
- sharing of like minds
- taking online community to offline events
- live, open Q&A

- games for fun
- games for rewards
- games for bragging rights
- Humor
- Humor to send friends

Monday, September 25, 2006

Relationship selling in a new era

1) Selling should be an act of friendship

2) When Trust is very high, ‘selling’ is not required

3) Know what is happening in society—prediction--- mobile access to web

4) The world around us are changing more than we are, so we are currently obsolete

Biz advances Based on these 2 things:
you sustain

Solutions you provide

8 competencies of relationship selling
1) Prepare: Sale and self

2) Target: Who and How

3) Connect: Head and Heart

4) Assess: Situation and Person

5) Solve: Main and Felt

6) Commit: Solution and Action

7) Assure: Satisfied and remain so

8) Manage: Sales and self

When people don’t find meaning in what they do, they don’t bring much value to what they do--- you have to excite n motivate them

Half of your job is to keep people in the right frame of mind

Sunday, September 24, 2006

Speak with ease and confidence by Norma Thompson

Speaking is an exchange of energy and it brings life to the presentation

Its more than just sharing of information because the speaker brings energy, emotion, attitude, interest, delivery, creativity, personality, experience, smiles. Its more than words!!!The best speeches: Good content and Good Platform Skills

10 ways to become a dynamic speaker

Know why you are speaking –who is your audience? What is your message? Why are you speaking to them? What outcome are you seeking?

Know your material- the better you know your material, the better you can speak naturally and impact your audience

Minimize notes- hints for note-less presentation: know your topic, in order and right to the point( write whole speech, min into sentence, then become words)

Tell Stories- to capture audience attention – it acts emotion and drama, stories is content + presentation skills

Respect your Audience- pay attention to them, modify content or style as needed.

Use eye contact- scan around the room

Make the best use of your voice- to engage people-raise (to get attention) or lower( to let people listen closely) voice, speak faster (to show excitement)or slower, change of tone( to empathize a point)

Be yourself- let personality shows, don’t imitate!!! Be original

Relax- trust yourself. When make a mistake, make light of it. Take deep Breath

Pratice, Practice, Practice

Get ride of ums and uhs---- Just pause

Exercise for Think fast on your feet--- 1) speak Gibberish for 5 min(don’t think) 2) Speak on a silly topic for 5 min( not prepared to speak on) 3) Speak on your topic ( bring out stuff that you have not thought about)

Enunciation --speak clearly to be understood--- practice strengthening on pronunciations by exercising your mouth and cheek

Laws of speaking success
Burning desire to share message
Specialized knowledge
Disciplined to practice
Mastermind team to move you forward

Success formula---get feedback, learn all u can abt topic and speaking, AND keep speaking!!!

Saturday, September 23, 2006

Rupert Murdoch Key Management Lessons

1. Go with the flow- update network of contacts( those w power)

2. Goodbye Mr Nice Guy- Monopoly preferred

3. Place your Bets- take risks

4. Lead from the front

5.King of Nitty Gritty- be invoved in the details, but dont interfere

6.DNA marketing- focus on the 4Ps( place, promotion, price and people), know customer likes and dislikes

7. Speed Freaks- move fast and eliminate hierachy and build connectivity( he infact centralize control of the company!!!)

8. Think Tommorrow today

9.Ambition never dies- be interested in ideas, not just money and cents AND keep learning

10.Drive the company- be dynamic AND inventing markets is more lucrative and powerful than entering markets

Selling to Women

Women purchase 85% of consumer products
Trust is important – be security, safety and reliable – u and the brand
Women are influenced heavily by word of mouth and referrals
Listen to her concern, show respect, give enough information
Give them reasons to buy, AND they prefer to come to an agreement
Use feeling words- etc devoted and committed
Don’t be problem solver until the end, seek to understand her 1st


Buy in begins in HELLO – they like eye contact than men do
Firm handshake- shake hands closest to you first
Be geninue
Then ask questions, nod, avoid interrupting, paraphrase
Reflection of feelings
Empower with information
Share knowledge
View close as ‘opening of sale’

Men V Women

Men talk in terms of money, power and sports
Women talk in terms of relationships, people and feelings

Men value financial understanding, knowledge of construction, pros and cons and negotiating skills. ( more transactional and bottom line)

Women value honesty, integrity and trust more and also what men value

Men talk less than women
Men communicate competitivelyWomen communicate facilitative

Feeling words- confident, certain, enthusiastic, excited, pleased, comfortable

Plan of Action- list down how you are going to influence:

From the start
During the presentation
During the closing process

Friday, September 22, 2006

Brand harmony by Tom Peter

Strong brands are built when all the experience have with a product/company blend to tell one, cumulative, sensible story.

A customer can evaluate the company on whatever

Focus less on what you are saying …….. Focus more on what our customers are hearing

Customers brand companies and their products, not other way round!!!

Branding is about getting an individual customer to say’ This works for me!!!’

Customer trust themselves more now than others

Brand is about blending the whole company experience

Everybody is in the ‘marketing department’, thus every employees contribute to creation of brand harmony

3 secrets of successful be the brand efforts

1) Make sure everyone understands how to be the brand
2) Make sure everyone can be the brand
3) Stick with it!!!

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Effectively influencing UP!!!!!!!!

Achieving visibility

- believe in yourself

- don’t be ashamed to market yourself

- take risks and responsibility

- realize that it is your responsibility to sell- not their responsibility to buy

- thrive to win the ‘BIG ONES’

- Presenting a realistic ‘cost- benefit’ analysis of your idea- don’t just sell benefits

- Always challenge up on issues involving ethics and integrity- never remain silent on even potential ethics issues

- Realize everyone is emotional

- Treat everyone with courtesy- employees and customers

- Support the final decision of your team

- Make a positive difference- don’t just try to ‘win’ or be ‘right’

- Focus on the future- let go of the past

‘Here is where I want to go’

Building Support

Four types of power
- position
- personal authority
- expertise
- connections( most impt)

Peter drucker says: focusing on the value of ‘making a positive difference’ not just ‘being a technical expert’

Techical expert pro tend to focus more on quality n building expertise

The leader of future

-Builds partnerships

-Goes beyond content expertise

-Builds and sustain a network

-Realize that success of a project may depend as much upon relationships as much as it does upon strategy

Building relationships
- ask
- listen
- think
- thank
- respond
- involve
- change
- follow up

Feedforward excecise
- learn as much as I can
- help as much as I can
- focus only on the future- let go of the past
- just say ‘thank you’- do not judge or critique ideas
- learn from- and help- as many people as you can

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Factors that influence success


Def- people will not get along w u unless they get along w u

Elevator principle
- some people lift u up while some bring down
- think ‘ r u lifting people up?’

Hammer principle
1. never use a hammer to swat a fly off someone’s forehead
2. don’t let situation prob rise before relationship

Partnership principle
- working together means winning together

Develop and train others
- teamwork makes dream work

Law of significance
- 1 is too small to achieve greatness

Law of the niche
- people r most valuable where they add the most value
- find own strengths and others

An outward expression of an inward feeling

Better ctrl of attitude even when facing failure

Attitude is a choice

everything rises and fails on leadership

The law of lid
Our leadership effectiveness will determine our success

The law of process
Leaders develop daily, not in a day

Leadership ability determines a person’s level of effectiveness

What is real success by John C Maxwell

What is Real Success?

Knowing your Purpose in life
Go with passion, passion is what that gives u energy AND your strengths

Growing to your maximum Potential
write down a list of your strengths and develop and hone them

Sowing seeds that benefit others
give values to others

Monday, September 18, 2006

Philipino maid received service from Hell

Today I went to Singpost at Hougang to send a letter, and what had left me disgusted is the

bad service given to a philipino maid. The young maid was having trouble packaging and writing

her parcel. The counter girl, chinese, long hair with thick specs( REMEMBER HER!!!) became

impatient and started raising her voice, using unfriendly gesture that makes me feel that she

was her superior. The maid,ashamed of herself, left SINGPOST in silent. What makes me

puke is what happen next: a customer, this time an white foreigner, approach the same

countergirl(REMEMBER!!!), and what he gets is a completely different service: warm, patient

and courteous service staff!!!


Sunday, September 17, 2006

Influence the psychology of persuation




Social Proof ---> gathering testimonial

Scarcity ---> of product/service

Reciprocal principle ---> give value to someone, and he or she will give back to U

Presentation Mastery Seminar

I attended this seminar and it was about creating compelling presentation( nothing interesting, really). This is what they said: IPRESENT

Invole your Audience

Prepare your Audience

Research your presentation Arsenal - mental, hardcopy, Electronic and materials(props)

Explain why( use 'because' and ' so that')

State Management:Achieve Proper Mental States

Eliminate Unknowns: Turn them into Knowns

Know your Audience

Tailor your presentaion

Personal Opinion of the 4 million Smiles(duh ???)

To welcome "THE World"( IMF ), Singapore proposed a 4 Million Smiles campaign,

posting smiley faces for "The World" to see. I personally feel this is a great campaign, but 4

Million EXPRESSIONS will be more interesting. We will be able to c how everyone feels and

still be at 1 ( sad, angry, happy or neutral but still be able to live 2gether). Would be interesting

if the "Smiles" are posted on Mental Hospital, it will be the best ad!!! ( A joke

INVENTED by my casual friend )

The 3 principle of Leadership communication

The 3 principle of Leadership communication( in my easy language)

The basic connection between audience and leader. To use LOGIC to influence people.

The most used and influential connector between leader and leader.( Tragedy of Julius Caesar in Shakespare, for example, Mark Antony uses gave a speech that repel hatred from Julius( Rumour of crowning himself King) to Brutus and Cassius( the killers).- Friends, Romans, countrymen, lend me your ears........... and etc.

The use of image, graphics and imaginery things to create a symbols( APPLE, god of Venius, known as god of knowledge or wisdom). Symbols are the easiest to trigger emotions and give people better understanding as it creates imagination to audiences.


I m ALexius, 17, from Singapore. The reason I create this blog is because I have 2 much free time(not because of being a rebel, though the country have dropped in freedom of voice to 34%).