Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Finding and hiring superstars by Andrew Field, President and CEO of

5 steps process

1) Defining the ideal employee( impt!!!)

Hiring criteria if matches–core company values( see if it fits!!!)
-value to customers

Key Skills- training:pros and cons

2) Finding your key employees

Advertising –traditional: print, web, storefront, careerfairs
-word of mouth: employees(ask them to keep a list of people) or customers

3) Attracting your employees

Selling your company to potential hires

Company culture

Innovative workplace

Small company offering big benefits: health, retirement, vacation

Growth opportunities

Great Location


4) Selecting your employees

Interview process- topgrading( ‘A’ players only),

-first interview- aptitude testing

-job shadowing

( Doesn’t need to always hire the right background or experience, attitude is impt!!!)

Final Interview – rate on criteria

5) Retaining your employees

Company culture- create pleasant working environment

Career path- give opportunities

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Web site must do from magazine retail asia

Have a search box that appears on every page

All key words describing your business must be included

Web page look and feel must be clean, simple and uncluttered. Stick to white background

Highlight main attractions (extensive inventory, hard-to-find items, helpful employees, whatever)

Highlight sales specials, unusual items, seasonal categories and promotions

Use the site to establish you and your company as an expert in your field.

Collect email addresses from walk in customers to your store

Search for sites to link to

List your web address everywhere

Sunday, October 08, 2006

Time management secrets of Billionaires by Chet Holmes

Plan meetings beforehand,

3Ps secrets of highly successful companies:

- Planning
- Procedures
- Policies

Dedicate 1 hr per week on:

- improve company
- personal productivity
- procedures
- Sales motivation
- Sales performance
- Marketing positioning, marketing strategies, marketing and sales effectiveness

The most successful business are always constantly training their staff, preparing them for challenges of today and tomorrow

Break the company down into manageable pieces’ impact areas’, and systematically improve and manage each of these areas every week.

Regular meetings= better internal communication

Staff are asked to hold ideas until weekly meetings and be discussed

Tasks, deliveries and datelines are assigned

Make lists: list down the 6 most important tasks that you have to complete

Plan how much time you have to allocate to each task, but don’t think when( exp 1 hr)

Plan your day

Do thet most impt things first

Saturday, October 07, 2006

Attracting more business by becoming slightly famous

Being a mini celebrity to just the right people, be visible
Establish within a carefully selected segment of a market

Principles embraced by all slightly famous entrepreneurs

- Target the best prospects = know who u want to reach and what their needs and wants

- Developing unique market niche= select a market niche that can be dominated ( untapped market, not filled with competitors)

- Positioning your biz as the best solution

- Maintaining your visibility= have your message out there to keep your name alive in the customer’s mind

- Enhancing your credibility= together with visibility, display your distinction, competence, expertise, authority and leadership= give enough info

- Establishing your brand and reputation
Visibility + credibility + word of mouth=reputation

Look at the customers problems and market in a non-selling way to them

Building reputation in print
Placing articles abt your biz in publications, email newsletters and web sites that reach your target market is one of the simplest and most effective marketing techniques available

To attract new client
Appear in targeted print media

Gain free exposure
$1000+ for 1-3 magazine pages v $0 with just the right info

achieve instant credibility
articles are much more convincing than advertising

Article reprints= ability to transfer to brochures, online, mailers and newsletter with just 1 quality article

Remember, marketing is a process, not an event. Consistent and impatience is critical

Friday, October 06, 2006

Classmates from hell

I wish to post those faces and name names but I cant. However some of my friends are simply not doing their fair share. On group assignments, projects and discussions. they are out there having a good time, leaving us and our 'puppet' group leader doing all their work. I HATE THEM!!!

Five Drivers of Indispensable company by Joe Calloway

Create and Sustain Momentum

- letting go what used to work in order to make room for what will work next

- assign somone to make it happen, give them authority and budget to do it

Develop Habitual Dependability

- consistency of performance

Continuous Connection

- maintain contact with customers on an ongoing basis

- ask yourself ' What have we done for the customers lately?'

Big Picture Outcome

- overall experience that your customer wants

- Instead of looking at your product or service at transactional level( saving client's money, ease

of use, quality etc). Think in terms of how your product/ service can help them achieve his/her

overall long-term goals.

Engage, Enchant and Enthrall

- something that you do, that you dont have to do, that the customer doesn't expect you to do

( surprise them!!!)

- the idea is to be the best part of each customer's day

Thursday, October 05, 2006

The Likeability factors by Tim Sanders, Yahoo’s Leadership coach

Dead fish stinks from its head- employees mirror their leaders negative behaviors, and it became a company culture

Likeability is the capacity to create positive experience and emotion to others

People now are working less for money, more for culture and work environment and mobility

Research from the University of Michigan shows that a positive work environment creates more sharing of information among the employees. Employees in a negative environment will not share info because they will not absorb the knowledge from someone they don’t like.

Friendly > Relevant > Empathic > Real

The gateway to great relationship

Advice: Not to be fake to become a real friendly person
Think I am grateful, I like everyone, I work with a cast of heros, not a bunch of zeros
People pick up 55% facial, 38% tone and only 7% verbal cues. So return smiles!!!

Become a person that serves their needs

Advice: - Connecting your passion to other person’s passion
- read more books

Understand someone feelings and acknowledge it

Advice: Watch movies and study the people faces

The ‘why’ of relationships
Advice: make corrections when you know you are wrong

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

10 tactics to use to build a successful entertainment site from the book 'web site built to last'

1. Create excitement -> Showing lots of activities

2. Offer Creative content -> unique

3. Include exciting graphics

4. Keep it fresh

5. Ensure quick download

6. Capture demographic information -> get users info for companies who want to advertise on your site

7. Include newsletters-> discuss events

8. Tout winners -> tell who is the winner and reward them

9. Form partnerships

10. Understand the user(limitations) ex broadband v dial up

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Best practices when meeting face to face by Diane Darling, CEO of EFFECTIVE NETWORKING


Do research, be prepared

Build Confidence

Gain Knowledge of the event

Prepare 3 neutral questions

Wear easy to spot( bright colour) clothing

Ditch a briefcase

Biz cards

Pen you can loose!!!

Note card

Pack a network surviving kit

Wear name tag on your right side

AND a breath mint

Eat beforehand, it will make you look clumsy

Carry drinks on your left hand to prevent a cold handshake!!!Food is where people hang out

We communicate….
55% body language
38% voice tone
7% words

Body language(OPEN)
- eye contact
- arms( down and relax, or use to empathize somethings, don’t cross!!!)
- Smile

- Volume ( tone down to calm people down, raise up to raise energy)
- energy
- intonation

Meeting VIPS

Connect ahead( send a note/email ahead of time before the conference and go up to introduce yourself before they speak)

Many are ‘shy’( be friendly)

Think friendly

Identify what you have in common and start with it( ex similarity in company)

Spot the lone wolves

People are not born shy, they LEARN to be shy

Walk up to these people and use the 3 neutral questions, they will appreciate it

Smile as you approach


Practice introductions in
- biz
- social

Make connection to setting( why r u there)

Identify yourself with the environment

Add name at end

Easier to remember

Make them easier to join in the conversation by open gesture

Ask them to introduce themselves

Open ended questions
Starting conversation

‘Tell me about….’

Listen, listen, listen

Then talk…

Imagine holding a rock( imagine that you cant talk until someone pass you a rock)

Avoid interrupting


Press the flesh
- handshake should be forgettable

- women should extend hand first( some men are taught that women should extend theirs first)

- Hello and goodbye( to get out of conversation, say 'its a pleasure talking with you'

Card exchange

- quality v quantity
- hand and receive card with both hand
- look at the card when receive
- Ask permission to write on the back
- Separate pockets( place it in the left pocket, your card on the right)

Get an introduction

- leverage others( 'name, i like you to meet....'
- Ask( let people know what r u doing)
- Mind reader
- Know who is a good referral
- Offer help as well as asking

Give and Take

- ask what you can do for other person( few people do this!!!)
- make it a vision

Follow up

Split cards into A, B, C

a- urgent and impt
b- not urgent, impt
c- not urgent or impt

Sunday, October 01, 2006

Working and Winning together

On working together

It is a small group of people so committed to something larger than themselves that they will not be denied

Four Critical Skills for working and winning together

- an idea
- a concept
- a process
- a solution
that creates a better way or solves a problem


Optimizes- time, money and resources
Minimizes- personal and organizational risks

----Easy to understand and easily get sponsorships

- executing
- influencing
- innovating
- leading change

---And attention to small details

Achieving superior results

---Consistently delivering results that exceeds expectations