Saturday, October 07, 2006

Attracting more business by becoming slightly famous

Being a mini celebrity to just the right people, be visible
Establish within a carefully selected segment of a market

Principles embraced by all slightly famous entrepreneurs

- Target the best prospects = know who u want to reach and what their needs and wants

- Developing unique market niche= select a market niche that can be dominated ( untapped market, not filled with competitors)

- Positioning your biz as the best solution

- Maintaining your visibility= have your message out there to keep your name alive in the customer’s mind

- Enhancing your credibility= together with visibility, display your distinction, competence, expertise, authority and leadership= give enough info

- Establishing your brand and reputation
Visibility + credibility + word of mouth=reputation

Look at the customers problems and market in a non-selling way to them

Building reputation in print
Placing articles abt your biz in publications, email newsletters and web sites that reach your target market is one of the simplest and most effective marketing techniques available

To attract new client
Appear in targeted print media

Gain free exposure
$1000+ for 1-3 magazine pages v $0 with just the right info

achieve instant credibility
articles are much more convincing than advertising

Article reprints= ability to transfer to brochures, online, mailers and newsletter with just 1 quality article

Remember, marketing is a process, not an event. Consistent and impatience is critical


At 9:21 AM, Blogger ritualreader said...

Thank you for a very informative blog. I found it on, by the way. I was hoping to pick your brain a bit. I am currently a cosmotology student, about to graduate in a month. I will then be working on building and retaining a clientele. I am looking for suggestions and ideas on maintaining visibility. I understand word of mouth is the best advertisement, but how do I get my name out to others and maintain that visibility.


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