Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Finding and hiring superstars by Andrew Field, President and CEO of

5 steps process

1) Defining the ideal employee( impt!!!)

Hiring criteria if matches–core company values( see if it fits!!!)
-value to customers

Key Skills- training:pros and cons

2) Finding your key employees

Advertising –traditional: print, web, storefront, careerfairs
-word of mouth: employees(ask them to keep a list of people) or customers

3) Attracting your employees

Selling your company to potential hires

Company culture

Innovative workplace

Small company offering big benefits: health, retirement, vacation

Growth opportunities

Great Location


4) Selecting your employees

Interview process- topgrading( ‘A’ players only),

-first interview- aptitude testing

-job shadowing

( Doesn’t need to always hire the right background or experience, attitude is impt!!!)

Final Interview – rate on criteria

5) Retaining your employees

Company culture- create pleasant working environment

Career path- give opportunities


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