Friday, October 06, 2006

Five Drivers of Indispensable company by Joe Calloway

Create and Sustain Momentum

- letting go what used to work in order to make room for what will work next

- assign somone to make it happen, give them authority and budget to do it

Develop Habitual Dependability

- consistency of performance

Continuous Connection

- maintain contact with customers on an ongoing basis

- ask yourself ' What have we done for the customers lately?'

Big Picture Outcome

- overall experience that your customer wants

- Instead of looking at your product or service at transactional level( saving client's money, ease

of use, quality etc). Think in terms of how your product/ service can help them achieve his/her

overall long-term goals.

Engage, Enchant and Enthrall

- something that you do, that you dont have to do, that the customer doesn't expect you to do

( surprise them!!!)

- the idea is to be the best part of each customer's day


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