Sunday, October 08, 2006

Time management secrets of Billionaires by Chet Holmes

Plan meetings beforehand,

3Ps secrets of highly successful companies:

- Planning
- Procedures
- Policies

Dedicate 1 hr per week on:

- improve company
- personal productivity
- procedures
- Sales motivation
- Sales performance
- Marketing positioning, marketing strategies, marketing and sales effectiveness

The most successful business are always constantly training their staff, preparing them for challenges of today and tomorrow

Break the company down into manageable pieces’ impact areas’, and systematically improve and manage each of these areas every week.

Regular meetings= better internal communication

Staff are asked to hold ideas until weekly meetings and be discussed

Tasks, deliveries and datelines are assigned

Make lists: list down the 6 most important tasks that you have to complete

Plan how much time you have to allocate to each task, but don’t think when( exp 1 hr)

Plan your day

Do thet most impt things first


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